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ALL ROUND PICTURES BY SOLARPIX.COM.**MUST CREDIT SOLARPIX.COM OR DOUBLE FEE WILL BE CHARGED**.**NO PUBLICATION IN FRANCE, SCANDANAVIA, AUSTRALIA AND GERMANY** NO UK NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION - UK MAGAZINES ONLY**.The UK Dog owners are going barking mad over Halloween costumes for their canine friend..Pet mania is sweeping the nation as costumes are outselling adults by 3:1.Outlets such as Asda and Wilkinson's have seen a huge rise in the amount of costumes sold. .Since the Asda range went on sale just four weeks ago, they have sold 1000s and more are being shipped to stores across the country in the next few weeks to meet the ever-increasing demand and sales have increased by a staggering 67% over the last two weeks.ASDA's Halloween Expert Charlotte Brisby said:  Our Vampire Doggie Dressing Up Kits have been flying off the shelves since they hit stores earlier this month and are the perfect accessory for 'trick or treating' families everywhere. Why should the family pooch miss out on all the fun!!! .DATE:23_10_06-JOB REF:2958-SFE